Douglas Blyde

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MAKER of television documentaries for the BBC turned writer, consultant, presenter, high society sommelier and enthusiastic cook, Douglas Blyde has been described as ‘one of the most respected (and well-fed) experts on eating out in the capital’ (Evening Standard). For nearly 10 years he has written in-depth and hopefully engaging profiles on the minds behind restaurants, drinks, design and travel.

Reviews, interviews, features and photographs have been published in: The Arbuturian, Billionaire, Brummell, Canary Wharf, Caterer, Chef, Civilian Global, Delicious, Eat Me, Flavour, Foodepedia, Foodtripper, Fork, glass, Guardian, Harden’s, Harpers Wine and Spirit, Livebookings, Matchbox, Prodigal Guide, RedSpear’s, Spectator, Square MealTelegraph, The European, Quarterly, Vertu, The Wharf and Where Chef's Eat.

Memorable experiences on his journey of tastes have included dining in, then ultimately legitimately escaping from the restaurant at high security prison, HMP Highdown, shooting, being blooded by, then eating grouse for lunch on the Glorious Twelfth of August in the highlands, and beholding effigies float by from the comfort of noma.

Presenting: BBC Good Food, Dolce Vita, Marriot 25, Scotch Egg Challenge, Dom PĂ©rignon
Consultancy: Mara Vella, MozzaRisella, L'Entrecote, Art of Service, SalumiAmo, Story PR
Judging: Marsala Conference, Made in Yorkshire, Oyster Olympics
Sommelier: Bill Clinton's Climate Foundation, Bulgari, Dunhill, Ferragamo, Investec, Jo Malone, Selfridge's, Tracey Emin, Kate Moss, Stella McCartney
Member of: Style Council